Thursday, 1 June 2017

Arashi - Are You Happy DVD [liveblog]

I literally wrote these notes as I was watching it so... bare with me ^^;;

Opening: Nino's giggle after singing his mini song about Aiba is so cute <3

  • Live band right on stage, nice!
  • Jun has slowly moved from taking 50% of the Penlight to control to like... 95% between Digitalian and now xD
  • I am loving how they did the carts, making it see-through but with changeable lights. So nice.
Love so Sweet: I've just hit LSS and this concert does feel very "HAPPY" ^^
  • Also can I just say - I love how they haven't really edited their voices this time around. THANK YOU.
Member Intro: What is this rad tune the band is playing for their intros? SO HAPPY :D
  • How did Sho even say TOKYOOOOOOO for that long? I ran out of breath waiting for him to stop.
  • Going from arena to this... they look so tiny even on DVD. Oh dear. 
Thoughts on Sho's Solo: Um. It's nice. I'm not a fan of Sho's solo on the album either so... ^^;;
  • The background visuals for To my Homies is so cute ^^
  • TENNEN <3333333

Drive: I am laughing imagining Jun actually driving while jamming out to music like this.

  • Sakumoto parents w/ Takoyaki gang kids? Sho is the trophy wife.
  • Holy fuck the penlight effect for Drive. WHAT A NICE TOUCH. This is already turning in to one of my most favourite performances of theirs, PERIOD.
  • Aiba just lying on Ohmiya's laps.
Step and Go/DYGI: Aw the ending of Drive w/ their overlapping hands leading into Step and Go is so cute <3
  • This whole part in the car is SO CUTE
  • "Forever feel my soul" is forever one of my most favourite English lines of theirs in a song, WTF
  • Junba and Sakumiya <3
  • Also whooooa Ohno's voice cracking and going off, whaaat.
  • This honestly just seems like such a fun concert. It's nice after how structured their past couple concerts have been - they finally get a chance to just let go and be super silly.
  • Small Matsumiya during DYGI <3

Thoughts on Bad Boy: The opening talk in to Bad Boy is SO CUTE
I like it, but I expected a bit more to it. I expected it to be more intense dancing wise. But I like the mime movements a lot and to be honest, I think the silliness actually matches the overall tone of the concert so within the context of the whole show I don't mind. But dance-wise it is still a bit lacklustre for me. It's not bad, but like I said, I expected a bit more intensity.

Two to Tango -> Fight Song: Ohno really likes adding fluttery hands to his choreos

  • Two to Tango looked a lot more interesting in the AYH documentary rehearsals ^^;; (but I also blame the way they're cutting the angles? Like wtf)
  • the penlights *___*
  • AoKimi is potentially seizure inducing, like... wow flashy lights
  • Seriously their carts for this con are so cute <3
  • Juntoshi fishing in fight song, omfg that's so cute <3

MC: Sho's boot's that he's wearing for the MC - hot damn.

  • I find it so amusing how confident and excited Arashi were for Aiba hosting Kouhaku.

Thoughts on Baby Blue:
This is really life. How long has it been since we've heard Jun's voice completely edited and nasally? I feel like I'm back in 2004 watching this concert honestly with how unedited the sound is. Also, I feel cheated that Jun isn't wearing a hideous baby blue suit, but to be fair he looks gorgeous like this. Also this performance is just so cute with all the pics with Jun and his friends. ALSO ALL THE PICS WITH BABIES. AWWWW. Please let him get married and have kids one day. Jun is so cute. I love him for shit like this. Singing a song like this and showing all his friends and uggggh T-T /bias af. SO CUTE.



Wonder Love: Oh damn, Wonder Love is also amazing. Another favourite of this concert.

Thoughts on Maya Kyou:
Oh poor Nino. This is easily the best solo performance of the concert though. Too be we can't see half of it. Especially if you have subs on. To be fair...  think if you have a really big TV and turn the subs off, it's not that bad? xD (No, it's still pretty bad, oh poor Nino). With that being said - and this is the same during Wonder Love as well. I looooved the lighting effects in the back. But you know. I would've also liked to see Nino?

Thoughts on Amore:
Aiba looks so good during this song. Why is he so good looking. Seriously, Aiba during concerts is like... fuck. He's so great. I love him. Stole my damn heart during arena and stealing my heart during AYH. ALSO ABS. Also I love how Aiba does shit like this. I feel like Aiba has joined Jun in the ranks of making super entertaining solos. I'm not even talking dance-wise, but just flat out entertainment and being an absolute blast to watch. What a guy. I love Jun, but Amore is definitely my second most favourite solo performance of this concert. Aw <3. I love how they specifically found fans with Aiba uchiwas to pinpoint on. Seriously this whole performance is so cute. I love this.

Seishun Boogie: Omfg the opening to Seishun Boogie. I love this so much, I haven't laughed so hard in such a long time. JUN SEX NOISES YA'LL. LOOK AT HIS DUMB SMILE AT THE END HE KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING. I AM DYING.

  • I honestly love how silly this concert is. T-T

Happy Medley: Happiness with bongo drums? Never knew I needed this in my life until  now.

  • Aw the penlights are spelling out Arashi <3
  • More Matsumiya <33333
  • This remix with Love Rainbow/Troublemaker is so great. I fucking love this. 

Encore: I seriously love Arashi's costumes for their encore. Could we have Sho and Aiba's jackets?

  • Ugh I can't take all the matsumiya, they're fucking married.

Final Thoughts

Hands down, one of my most favourite concerts ever. It's so fun. Also - the fact that the sound isn't edited makes it so much better. I feel like I haven't heard Jun be this nasally, or Ohno fuck up in so long. And it's great! I love it. I love hearing Arashi singing again. But going back to how fun this concert was, don't get me wrong, Popcorn, Love, Digitalian, Japonism (dome), all great in their own way but I feel due to their themes (except popcorn), they were often very stiff. ESPECIALLY for Japonism. There wasn't much room to fool around, have fun, but in AYH you actually see the members smiling and laughing during their songs. Definitely a great concert for a great album. Well done Arashi.  

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

嵐 - Unknown

嵐 - Unknown

(Translation Index: Here)

満ちてゆくNight 捉えようもない
我儘だけどほら 持て余した想い
(Oh-Oh 飾らないで Oh-Oh 手渡すから)
意外そうなFace こぼれ出すWord
(Oh-Oh 確かな温度) 伝わってるから
The night is coming to an end, with no way to keep a hold of it
It's selfish but hey, these feelings just couldn't be controlled.
(Oh-Oh, don't put up a front, Oh-Oh, because I'll hand it over myself)
An unexpected face, a word that spills out,
It doesn't matter whether it's the truth or a lie,
(Oh-Oh, the exact degree) because it's understood anyway.

ふたりだけ分かる 色づき始めた合図
カタチを失くして ずっと向こうで 囁いてる愛へ
My pulse beats silently...
A signal that only the two of us understand, begins to change colours.
Where will things end up, I wonder...
Having lost it's shape, off into the distance, to our murmuring love. 

決して叶わぬ夢 甘美にして
Feeling inside, Feeling inside, Oh-Oh… そのまま
Feeling inside, Feeling inside, Oh-Oh… ここから
This rhythm that's still repeating,
Turning a dream that will never be fulfilled, into something sweet.
Feeling inside, feeling inside, oh-oh... just like that.
Let's search for a key that's only for tonight,
which the entire world seems to have forgotten about. 

触れてるだけ 崩れそうなTime
空白に今 何を描いてくだろう?
(Oh-Oh 委ねてBaby Oh-Oh 見つかるまで)
ちっぽけなHeart 寄り添ったBeat
手探り 少しずつ優しさ重ねた
(Oh-Oh 溶け出す空気) もうこのまま 包み込んで
Time, which seems like it will break with just a touch,
Right now, in this empty space, what will be drawn?
(Oh-oh, devoting myself baby, oh-oh, until I find it)
This tiny heart, a beat that comes ever closer,
Fumbling, bit by bit, a gentleness builds up.
(Oh-Oh, dissolving air) wrapping us up, just as we are. 

I wanna feel you baby 脆く儚く
I wanna feel you baby, fragile, fleeting,
Shining almost egotistically,
While deeply lost.

何を語っているの その視線いま
理解しているようで すれ違う
Feeling inside, Feeling inside, Oh-Oh… そのまま
身体中巡ってる このRhythmを
Feeling inside, Feeling inside, Oh-Oh… ここから
That look just now, what is it saying?
We disagreed while pretending to understand.
Feeling inside, feeling inside, oh-oh... just like that,
This rhythem, circulating throughout my body,
The smell of today that I don't want to lose. 

Feeling inside, Feeling inside, Oh-Oh… yeah
静寂へと そうEscape
見えないモノ 見えないままで…
To end on such fickle words,
Heading into a universe we still know nothing about,
Feeling inside, feeling inside, oh-oh...yeah.
It's like we've stepped into a gap in time,
Escaping into the stillness
Until we're finally unable to see the things which cannot be seen.

no matter
ah 保たない…
The dawning sky is once again,
covered in a haze,
This cave which we can't see the end of,
with the remnants of our scattered morals.
No matter.
Ah, it won't last. 

疼ぐのカラダが 未だ貴方が
何も変わらない 何も分からない
一つ定かな あからさまなsaga
はなから 叶わないの我儘
This aching body, even now, you
haven't changed at all, and still don't understand anything at all.
One thing that is for sure, this straightforward saga,
from start to end, cannot bear such selfishness. 

Feeling inside, Feeling inside, Oh-Oh… yeah
静寂へと そうEscape
見えないモノ 見えないままで…
To end on such fickle words,
Heading into a universe we still know nothing about,
Feeling inside, feeling inside, oh-oh...yeah.
It's like we've stepped into a gap in time,
Escaping into the stillness
Until we're finally unable to see the things which cannot be seen.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

My stance on MaoJun

Do I think they are actually dating? The hell if I know. I'm not Mao and I'm not Jun. 

Would I like it if they were dating? HELL YES. 

Would I be upset if they were not dating? Absolutely not. Mao and Jun are there own people, I'm not going to dictate their lives for them. 

What do I think of all the tabloid articles? As a general principle, I rarely believe tabloids unless it contains an actual interview from the person themselves. So tabloids that are like "a friend of a friend said Mao and Jun are dating" I do not believe. The tabloid articles that have more direct interviews (Like the recent Josei Jishin one) I'm more inclined to believe, but unfortunately, usually those interviews give us no actual information whatsoever. 

What do I think about Mao's answers in the recent Josei Jishin article? I'm conflicted. I'm honestly very, very conflicted. Which is actually why I decided to make this post. 

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Come on 2017, bring whatever you got

It has reached that time of year again - the end of it. Is 2016 finally coming to an end? It's almost a bit hard to believe. I honestly can't believe tomorrow is January 1, and yet, I'm also super excited and eager for 2017 to come. Before I'm going to let that happen though, it's time for my usual year-end review post!

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Arashi - Are You Happy [review]

It's that time of year again! The leaves are changing, the weather is getting cold, and what is this? A new Arashi album being released? Unfortunately I am not in Japan anymore to bask in the amazingness that is this album (and if I was, I would've picked up this album instantly). But, thanks to the internet, I've still got a copy of the songs and now it's time to give my review. And if you haven't noticed... for once I'm not starting off sounding like a total downer!

Arashi - Don't You Get It PV + Making

I don't think I can say enough about Don't You Get It. As a song it's not the best thing in the world - I like it, but it's no Fukkatsu Love or Ai no Collection, but it's pretty good. No - for Don't You Get It, it's not the song that is the part I love - it's everything that has come with the song. The performance, the PV, the making - all of these things that Arashi appear in are the reason I fell in love with Arashi. All these things are exactly what I feel Arashi is.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Concert Reports: Japonism dome + arena


For the people who have come to my blog but don't know my tumblr... I actually went to Arashi's Japonism concert last year in November, and earlier this year in July and I wrote reports for both occasions. Again, you may have seen these on tumblr already, but cross-referencing them here anyway.

Feel free to check out the reports. The reason I'm posting them now? Because... I forgot to do it earlier. Also, the Japonism DVD came out and I'm still debating if I should "review" it considering I've already reviewed the concert in my report. Well, I guess if you see a "Japonism DVD review"  you'll know my answer to that question. Anyway, enough rambling.

Japonism @ Nagoya - 2015.11.07

Part 1 - Part 2

Japonism in Arena @ Shizuoka - 2016.07.24 (Noon showing)

Full Report

Enjoy :)